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When mold takes over your home, it not only affects the way your house looks but can also put your family’s health in danger. Fortunately, The Mold Guys NJ, LLC is here to keep your loved ones safe! We are a family-owned mold remediation company in the Newark, NJ area that has been in business for 10 years. We do mold remediation and testing so that mold doesn’t become noticeable and alarming at your property. 

Get Air Quality Testing For In Your House

At The Mold Guys NJ, LLC, we protect your property like it’s ours. If you’ve seen signs of water damage, leaks, and too much humidity around your house, our team of mold specialists can tackle those problems from the roots. 

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Mold Remediation: Our team of mold specialists can treat and remove the mold even from the tiniest of the spaces. 
  • Mold Inspection and Testing: We can identify any presence of mold around your house and get your results within 24 hours!
  • Air Quality Testing: If any of your family members is showing signs of allergies, chances are pollutants could be causing those symptoms. With an Air quality test, we can find the source of those issues. 
  • Residential Clean Outs: Our mold experts can remove all the junk in seconds. 
  • Commercial Cleanouts: Keep your employees safe and ensure a healthy workspace for them!

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Call our mold specialists to schedule an appointment so you can get a free estimate. Don’t let mold cause any harm to your family or employees. Our team in the Newark, NJ area will be sure to walk you through all available options to solve all these mold problems.

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Marlene Jaipersaud Avatar
Marlene Jaipersaud
10/17/2020 - Google

Mold Guys is an excellent Company to deal with. Jason explained in details what the situation was and I was... read more

Philip Minchin Avatar
Philip Minchin
10/17/2020 - Google

Fantastic experience working with The Mold Guys. Jason is super knowledgable and honest, which was most important to us. I’d... read more

Michael Allen Avatar
Michael Allen
9/17/2020 - Google

Extremely honest and expert knowledge. Highly recommend

Al Moise Avatar
Al Moise
9/17/2020 - Google

Jason and his team are extremely professional and reliable. I had a leak from my toilet that damaged my... read more

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